When it is a project related to bookbinding, I will intuitively search for that person’s name in the address book. I am also one of the designers who has been relying on Mr. Shinohara. Usually it is I who ask him for advice but when he initiated discussion with me about the rebranding of his own company, I was really surprised. This was an incident in spring of 2019. “I want to re-examine how the company should be!” It was the moment I experienced Mr. Shinohara’s straightforward and pure enthusiasm. First of all, for it to be a “place to think” rather than a “factory that receives orders”. Instead of the so-called “order-receiving” company, he believed it was important to convey the message to both within and outside the company that the company can create value. Therefore for the website, by revealing everything including not just the achievements and manufacturing process, but also points of commitment and maniac considerations (that everyone likes), he thought perhaps it could show the daily attitude adopted in the manufacturing process by Shinohara Paper Works. Also in the website, there is a blog called “Spelling” set up. There are people there and there is paper. The effort to spell out the detailed occurrences in the company that might be forgotten even tomorrow is a method of conveying the openness of the factory. Just like that, I was made to realize that it is not just a factory that makes books, but for each message conveyed through the constant crossing of each day with design, there is “a thinking Shinohara Paper Works”.

Art Director
Haruhiko Taniuchi (desegno ltd.)

Photo: Masaki Ogawa
Text: Azusa Okajima,
Tomoko Tabuchi(Shinohara Shiko Ltd.)
Art Direction:
Haruhiko Taniuchi(desegno ltd.)
Design: Kaoru Kimura(desegno ltd.)
Website: Hiroyuki Fujimoto(desegno ltd.)

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