Clammbon ”Moment e.p.”


A music CD album provided like direct from farm vegetables

First album creation since becoming independent from major labels

Recently, we have been receiving more requests for making paper CD covers.

Among these, one memorable cover was the one we made in 2016 for the band, Clammbon, in their album “Moment e.p.” The sales representative at the time was a Clammbon fan, so we happily accepted.

Clammbon became independent from major labels in 2015, and then their first album after that was the “Moment e.p.” It was not distributed to CD shops throughout Japan, so a free cover design, without the use of standard plastic cases, was possible. We received a request for a paper cover making use of the illustration hand-drawn by the vocal, Ikuko Harada.

The first design project from scratch

Shinohara Shiko’s Mizuki Masubuchi was in charge of the design. She had the experience of doing some designs in the company, but it was the first time for her to work on a design for an authentic project of the company. As she had the expertise of paper processing on-site, she proposed a number of designs that could be mass-produced and incorporated Harada’s ideas in the project. However, conducting project management for the design work was also the first time for her. She looked at illustrations Harada drew by hand on the computer together and made many adjustments. At the time, she didn’t know how to efficiently approach the project, so she had to constantly be together to get layout instructions. Thinking back, professional designers would not do the job this way, so it’s a reminder of the inexperience in the past.

At live venues, Clammbon members themselves sell the CD albums directly and sign on the spot. Therefore, to prevent people from dropping lyrics cards at the live venue, they were sewn in using flat seaming. The title “Moment” on the album cover had punching designs, and from the back of the cover, a transparent film could be seen, which sparkled when reflecting light. Also, to make the band name Clammbon stand out, a yellow tag, like brand tags of clothes, was attached. The band name “Clammbon” was gilt-tooled in matte silver to make it look gorgeous. Masubuchi said, “I wanted to avoid an overall flat look with the paper cover so I wanted to put in some sparkling element.”

Becoming closer with fans to deliver music and feelings directly

This project was in progress at a busy time towards the end of the year and start of the new year. On top of that, Harada was feeling sick, and her throat condition, which is important for a musician, was extremely bad. Despite feeling very sick, she never showed it and continued the cover design. It showed how sincerely she was working on this album. The design concept was made listening to unreleased demo soundtracks, and it was a great pair work comprising of Harada’s directions and Masubuchi’s designs. About wanting to be closer to fans and delivering their music directly, Harada said, “it’s like providing direct from the farm vegetables.” Masubuchi said, “those words were very easy to understand, so I identified with that and could proceed.”

Products directly from the production site may be a philosophy that is spreading in many industries.

Being away from major labels, independent labels allows free expressions. Seeking this, they came to Shinohara Shiko. Valuing the relationships and feelings for the fans, they independently explored their own sense of direction. That attitude seemed similar to Shinohara Shiko’s philosophy, so it made us want to support not only the band Clammbon for its music but also how it exists as well.



篠原さんにとっても「初めて」がたくさんお有りだったと思いますし、こちらも本当に「初めて」づくしでした。それまでデザイナーさんやスタッフさんにお任せしてきた領域にも直接関わっていく。「こっちの紙なら、○○円下げられます」「うーん、じゃあ、こっちかな」とコストを踏まえて素材を選んでいく。既存のものではなくて、パッケージを設計していく(篠原紙工さん × コスモテックさん × 東北紙業さん)。何度も何度もやり取りを重ねて、試作を作っていただき、予算とスケジュールを調整しながら、デザインも細部に至るまで丁寧につめていく。職人さんたちの手作業も見せていただく。その行程一つ一つが新鮮で、嬉しかった。



そして、更に深度は増して、モメントe.p.2、クラウドファンディンでの野音DVD、モメントe.p.3 と、パッケージ制作していくことになります。



クラムボン「モメント e.p.」 / 2016
製本ディレクター : 北川夏希

サイズ : W135×H135mm
タグ : ダイニック「新日本の色」細布 5たんぽぽ
表紙 : Uボード ホワイト LT 370kg
本文 : OKアドニスラフW AY 46.5kg / アリンダ AGT-ES100 100μm 菊
トレイ : NPCC#26 LT114.5kg / リンテック上質タック 四六 55kg / Uボード ホワイト LT 370kg
仕様 : 表紙手折り / タグ手貼り / 平ミシン綴 16p(2丁)
数量 : 10,000部

協力会社 :
有限会社コスモテック / 箔押し
株式会社東北紙業社 / 抜き
株式会社明祥 / 印刷両面特1c
株式会社ニューウェル合紙 / 合紙
株式会社スリーエムプリンティング / セット作業

担当 : 増渕みづ紀

担当 : 増渕みづ紀